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The Last Kiss

Former foster care child, Rachel Carter, has a secret. To keep her secret, she decides to reinvent herself. When she sees Maxwell Pierce’s ad for a job, she jumps at the opportunity to become his new assistant.
Sexy private investigator, Maxwell Pierce, needs someone to pose as his wife on a couple’s only cruise to Jamaica while he tries to prevent a young woman from marrying a man who is a killer. The charismatic killer convinces women to purchase large insurance policies naming him as their sole beneficiary before he marries them.
Maxwell thinks Rachel is perfect for the job as his assistant, but they’ll have to pretend to be in love with each other and sleep in the same cabin. Maxwell has a hard time keeping his mind on the job and his hands off his pretty, new assistant while they cruise with the quirkiest bunch of characters either has ever seen. Find out if together they can prevent the murder and find true love.

New Book Coming Soon

My eyes are tired as well as my fingers. I have a new book coming out soon. I have two titles in mind. One is Conning The Con Man and the Other is The Mysterious Deception. The story is about a down on her luck personal assistant who loses her job when her reality star employer goes to jail. She gets a job with the handsome security analyst, Maxwell Pierce. Together on a cruise to Jamaica they try to stop a con man from murdering his fiancee. Which title sounds the best?

Excerp from The Silver and Golf Deception-A Romantic Comedy

Chapter One

Dee saw the big, black SUV barreling straight toward her and it wasn’t slowing down. Instead it looked as if it was picking up speed. She realized it was going to crash right into the store. She screamed as the SUV jumped the curb and came up over the sidewalk. Frozen and horrified she watched as it crashed through the large front plate-glass window. The SUV stopped in the middle of the Precious Jewels showroom floor, and four masked men jumped out. When Dee peeked through the glass counter she was cowering behind, she realized they had on caricature masks of deeply wrinkled old men.

She could tell from the men’s bodies they weren’t old but young and fit. To hide their identifying features, in addition to the masks, they were all wearing long-sleeved, black polo shirts, brown cargo pants, white gloves, and black knit hats. Three men held hammers and big, brown cotton sacks. The fourth man held a deadly looking shotgun. The one with the shotgun screamed, “Nobody move, and no one gets hurt!” Nobody in the store moved a muscle as everyone froze in terror.

Dee couldn’t believe it; a smash-and-grab robbery was happening right in front of her. The thieves quickly moved around the store smashing glass counters and grabbing as many diamonds, watches, and other precious jewelry pieces as fast as they could. Dee was the nearest to the store’s silent alarm. She tried to inch toward the alarm, but the gunman holding the shotgun pointed it directly at her and said gruffly, “Bitch, I told you not to move.” She froze, and to her dismay she started to hiccup. The gunman continued to wave the gun around and would constantly bring the gun back to her face.

Dee cursed her luck. When she was nervous, she got the hiccups. He hollered, “Stop that damn noise!” The more he waved the gun, the louder she hiccupped. Finally she covered her mouth with her hands in an attempt to get her hiccups under control. She didn’t want to get shot just because she couldn’t control her involuntary throat tics.

Happy Independence Day

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New Contest

Yippee! I’m celebrating finishing my second book and posting it on Amazon. The Silver and Gold Deception is available for 99¢. If you can tell me the name of the jewelry store where the initial robbery takes place, your name will be entered in a random drawing for a $25.00 amazon gift card. In order to enter you must be a U.S.A. resident. Leave your name and email address with your correct answer. The drawing will be held on 6/11/2016. Good luck!